Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Help a young idol wanna-be make it big in show business by any means in Idol Project: NTR, now available on Steam.

Idol Project: NTR is a idol raising and dating sim where you help the shy Ayaka Sahara fulfill her dream of becoming an idol. Our main character, whom you can name yourself, has always wanted to be an entertainer, but he gave up halfway. He since has been hired by a small entertainment agency due to his friendly demeanor and was tasked with training and promoting the new, up-and-coming idols.

Being an idol isn’t easy, especially when you’re starting your career. Our protagonist knows this all too well. Eventually, a CEO of a big advertising agency shows up. trying to take advantage of Ayaka’s dream, and she feels like has no choice but to succumb to whatever he wants. She’ll do anything it takes to be an idol even if it means hiding her “mistakes” from the hero.

The game can be played with or without NTR. You can either go for the pure love route with Ayaka and the protagonist together, or the NTR route where Ayaka is corrupted by the head of the company. Just make sure to adjust the settings should you prefer to skip the cuckolding scenes. If you do so, none of those will be collected. The sex scenes have a degree of an interactive feature to them. You can touch Ayaka and take off her clothes, and the scenes can change in different ways depending on how you touch her.

There are three minigames to help promote Ayaka as an idol. They include a quiz game, a rhythm game, and a memory game. It is up to you to train and promote Ayaka so she can become successful. To do so, she will need to reach a quota of sales, fans, and SNS followers. Do well in the minigames and these numbers will increase.

You can find Idol Project: NTR for purchase on Steam for $10.99.

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