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Magical futanari fight and fuck astrological beings who plan to conquer Earth in hentaiByte and [FUTACLUB]’s Magical Girl D.

Magical Girl D is an RPG following a group of girls who receive magical powers from a sassy purple bunny named Mochi. It gave them the ability to transform into magical girls with dicks. Their purpose is to eliminate Sinners, beings who came from the stars to take over Earth. These creatures not only appear in the real world of Earth, but also in other dimensions that have access to Earth. To get rid of the powerful Sinners, these magical girls will need to overpower them in a fight by using their dicks.

Each girl has her own story or destiny to follow, but it's up to you to choose whose story you would like to start with. There are two girls available for now, but only Harumi is in the demo. Harumi is a nineteen-year-old university student with a timid disposition, she is oblivious to any romantic or sexual matters, and Mochi gives her the powers of Divine Guardian Zen.

You can move Harumi around with the mouse or keyboard. The combat is turn-based and you have your basic attacks and skills. If you are able to knock down an enemy, you will have the chance to do a “once more.” Similarly to the Persona series, the enemy will lose their turn and you will be able to execute a powerful attack. After the “once more,” it will be your turn once again.


- Hot CG scenes with clothed and nude variations

- Multiple playable characters

- Build a party of your favorite magical girls

- Deep and strategic turn-based combat

You can download the demo for Magical Girl D from If you enjoy it, and wish to support the developers, consider checking out the hentaiByte’s Patreon page.

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