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Enjoy the goofy life of a transfer student and explore the mysteries of virtual reality in ETERNUM, an adult slice of life visual novel with mystery elements in development from Caribdis.

ETERNUM is a visual novel following the life of a young man named Orion as he returns to his roots. In his youth, Orion lived in the city of Kredon, but had to move out as his father found better employment elsewhere. Years later, Orion is invited to return to the town to continue his schooling and accepts the offer without a second thought: Kredon is known for its academies, making it one of the best opportunities he could’ve ever gotten.

There’s more to the city than meets the eye; however. Aside from reuniting with his goofy friends and having to live with three amazing girls he used to know in the past, Orion comes in contact with the town’s biggest obsession: Eternum. Developed by a rich corporation, Eternum is a virtual reality game that simulates all senses, allowing players to engross themselves with lives near indistinguishable from reality. Access to the game is expensive, but the possibilities it offers are truly endless, making it heavily addictive.

Thanks to the freedom it offered, Eternum quickly developed a darker side as well. It’s system allowed players to abuse and torture others, while it also became an ideal ecosystem for black markets and other illegal operations. Throughout the story, Orion will deal with his calm and comedic daily life, as well as this darker virtual world and the many mysteries hidden within.


You’re moving with your best friend to the city of Kredon, home to some of the best schools and universities in the country, to continue your studies. However, in Kredon, there’s only one thing everyone talks about: ETERNUM—the virtual, hyper-reality MMORPG game released a few years ago that revolutionized the world of technology.

With a neural implant that recreates the five senses, it becomes impossible to distinguish between the game and the real world.

Thousands of servers form the network of Eternum: from colorful, magic-filled fantasy worlds to foggy sci-fi cities, no world is beyond reach.

Nevertheless, looking beyond the surface, there's a darker side to this pretty facade: black markets, torture, rape, illegal content trafficking, unlawful assemblies, data theft… Eternum follows the rules of no man.

For some reason, governments turn a blind eye to this; there’s no regulation and no control. Some say it’s because the game is highly addictive, some say it’s because the market moves millions of dollars daily, some say those in power have been bribed, and others say… there’s something else going on.

And you? What’s your role in this story?

Well... That’s up to you now.


About me

The game is currently in development, which means that there's still a LOT of stuff to come! Many adventures and sexy moments await you!

In the meantime, you can take a look at my other game: Once in a Lifetime, which I already completed! As Eternum, it's totally free for everyone!

If you'd like to support the development of the game, please check out my Patreon or Subscribestar pages, where you can get Exclusive Content, get updates before anyone else, and much more!

Thank you!

You can try out the latest build of ETERNUM for yourself over on Itch.io (listed as "name your own price"). If you’d like to support the project, you can do so on Caribdis’ Patreon. You can also enjoy the author’s previous project, Once in a Lifetime, which is also available for free (also listed as "name your own price") on Itch.io.

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