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Explore the unknown regions of a fantasy world in Grove, a yaoi RPG currently in development by RegalBuster and SirIzike.

Grove is a yaoi RPG set in a fantasy world inhabited by draconic men. The player takes the role of an adventurer and cartographer named Grove, who has embarked into the mysterious region known as the Central Expanse. This lush land remained unexplored until explorers took it upon themselves to map it out through more recent expeditions. As the protagonist enters within the borders of the land, they encounter an aged wizard being assaulted by a bandit. As thanks for promptly saving him, the man rewards Grove with his work thus far: a mysterious artifact he’s found and a map that came with it, marked with what's supposedly the location of its key.

Your journey through the expanse will take the form of a relatively linear RPG experience. As the player, you’ll have to explore lush forests and threatening dungeons, searching for a way towards the northern end of the expanse. On your way there, you’ll meet various adventurers and workers of the guild who have goals similar to your own. These men will tend to help you on your journey, but may just as often require your aid as well.

The game’s challenge largely stems from its turn-based combat encounters. Like in most RPGs, the player can fight monsters using basic attacks and a variety of special skills gained through the course of levelling up. Aside from more commonplace mechanics, Grove also features an in-depth grappling system. If the player’s clothes get torn during battle, certain enemies may attempt to sexually assault them, binding them in their grasps. The player may try to leave the enemy’s clutches or use the compromised position to their advantage, looking for openings to exploit in the enemy's hold.

The latest build of the game is already quite lengthy, featuring numerous areas to explore and enemies to face, as well as tons of scaly action. Players can expect to see themes of rape, tentacles, slimes, dragon people, binding, hypnosis, and use of sex toys and latex.

The latest public build of Grove is available on Itch.io. You can follow the games’ development on the dedicated FurAffinity page or Grove’s dedicated Discord channel.

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