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The struggles of a shrine filled with trap goddesses come to a head in Trap Genesis, a yaoi visual novel by NoStrike, now available on Steam.

Trap Genesis is the finale of the Trap Shrine trilogy of games. The story once again follows the chief priest Masato, who became the lover of not only his local, male goddess Yui, but also earned the affection of their rival, Tamaki, and the once-exiled trap priestess Subaru who preceded him. At the end of the previous entry, the chaotic harem of crossdressers was about to find peace with the upcoming ritual, until the process was disrupted when Hinowa, the clumsy guardian of the once-sealed Yui, awakened to his powers as a chaotic god. Despite his show of amazing power and unnerving threats, Hinowa’s goals remain a mystery, allowing Masato to once again reach out and try to abate the conflict through a mutual understanding.


"I'm a god, for realsies!"

Chaos Crossdressing Goddess

The incarnation of a Komainu enshrined in the shrine.

This klutzy self-proclaimed goddess actually turns out to be a goddess of chaos with the power to destroy the whole world!

She toys with our hero with her newfound powers, but what are her true intentions?

(This is the game's main heroine.)

Endou Mishiro

"My sister sense if tingling! Sluts are coming after my Maa-kun!"Crossdressing Shrine Maiden and Obsessed Sister

A sister that untiringly works for the sake of her love, but also has a dark, potentially dangerous possessive streak.She finally managed to reconcile and bond with Yui over their love for Masato, and now hope to strive to be the best wives for him they can ever be.


"I shall grant your wish!"Sealed Crossdressing Goddess

A crossdressing goddess that was sealed in Kotomusubi shrine's cave.She is now under the moniker of hinky goddess.

This goddess is reduced to a small, cute form when she runs out of power.

Takatou Subaru

"I want to see less talking and more working!"

Stickler for Discipline

The previous chief shrine maiden before Mishiro took over her place.

She was reticent about accepting love between men and crossdressers at first, but after acknowledging her feeling for Masato, she has become a supportive and loving part of the ever growing family.

She currently clashing with Mishiro over who's the legal wife.


"My powers are not like those of my sister!"Love-Hating Goddess

A crossdressing goddess, and sister of Yui. She is another kind of Hinky goddess, although the nature of her powers is completely opposite from Yui's.Descending to Earth with the mission of sealing Yui once more, she was cooperating with Subaru to take over the shrine, but after meeting Masato and falling in love with him, she is convinced that love trumps all.

Trap Genesis is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $8.99 until the 24th of September, at which point it will cost $9.99. Adult content for the story has to be downloaded separately as a free patch found on ErogeJapan’s website.

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