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Free-to-Play Game UNITIA X: Angel of the Oracle X Goddess of the End Released on Nutaku

EXNOA’S card battle RPG UNITIA X: Angel of the Oracle X Goddess of the End is an action adventure where you and your harem engage in real time battles.

UNITIA X: Angel of the Oracle X Goddess of the End is a free-to-play game where you join up with others to form the Rainbow Survey Team. After two worlds somehow collided, the Cross World was created. You, Ruine, and Mahkia end up in this new world surrounded by monsters. Luckily, you're all saved by a mysterious power known as "Oracle" and its wielder, a girl named Terra. You and your companions decide to join Terra as the Rainbow Survey Team to explore this new world and discover what mysteries are hidden beneath its surface.

The battles play out in real-time and have thrilling animated combat scenes. You are able to reserve skills in battle for a more smooth combat experience, just be sure to use the right skill right when you need it. Enhance all your party members up to seven stars and eliminate powerful enemies. There is also an auto battle mode if you wish to rush through the fights.

Key Features

■ Exquisite Illustrations

Quality illustrations of characters, background and items!

Have fun in the glorious world of UNITIA!

■ Engage in Real-time Battles with dazzling skills and smart strategies!

Watch the stunning skill animations that intensify the battle!

Use the reserve function to launch your skills at the right time.

With the help of "Oracle Assit" from the mysterious girl Terra, you can take full advantage of the battle progress and decide the outcome!

■ Enhance characters to rise to the top!

All characters can be evolved to 7 Stars!

Develop your favorite characters to strike down rivals and powerful enemies!

You can play UNITIA X: Angel of the Oracle X Goddess for free on Nutaku. Do note, as this is a free-to-play game on Nutaku, there are likely things in the game that use Nutaku gold, which can be bought with actual money.

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