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Take control of Gotham in Mafia War, a free-to-play strategy game now available for Android smartphones through Nutaku.

Mafia War is a newly released strategy game about an arms race between criminal organizations. With the demise of the Black Gloves, Gotham’s largest mafia, the protagonist is in a prime position to become the city’s greatest criminal by conquering disorganized gangs roaming the streets.

To take control of the town, the player has to build new facilities, such as money-producing mints or hangars used to train various kinds of gang members. Produced units can then be sent on missions to either fight for resources on the city streets or to conquer another part of the district, providing the player with more space for units and buildings. The key feature of Mafia War is the ability to merge buildings and units into upgraded variants. Players can use their resources to unlock higher merge levels, allowing them to slowly combine squads together into more devastating units, which can then be further customized by outfitting their buff slots with scavenged upgrades.

Aside from conquering the city, the player can join others in an alliance, as well as challenge them in PvP. Progressing through the game increases the player’s level, eventually allowing them to save various NPCs by completing specific PvE challenges. The player can then flirt with unlocked characters by spending affection and energy to increase their affection, eventually unlocking new erotic images for viewing. The heroines can also be unlocked through the game's gacha mechanics to aid in battles with their unique skills, with up to two heroines being able to participate in each fight.

As the latest gang boss in the city, you can continue to develop and conquer, strengthen their own strength, and conquer the ladies everyone in the city desires.

Key Features

20 characters, 200 levels can be challenged, and you can compete with other players in the city to see who is the real underworld figure.

Key Features

There are no complicated rules, you can upgrade your combat power by dragging to synthesize

Suppress, play the most in-depth strategy skills

There is a love and win-win guild alliance, fighting side by side with the brothers

Mafia War is now available for Android phones on Nutaku. The game uses a free-to-play payment model, allowing players to purchase resources, hero shards, and a monthly subscription with useful bonuses through a premium currency.

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