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Explore more erotic versions of Stardew Valley’s relationships in Zaxton’s StarLewd Valley, a parody visual novel currently in development.

StarLewd Valley is a fan-made eroge parody of the farming simulator and dating sim Stardew Valley. In this game, you get to spend time with the games’ various bachelorettes by exploring more intimate stories written by the games’ fan, Zaxton.

The latest build of the game features stories for Haley and Leah, chosen at the start of the game. The stories featured in Starlewd Valley loosely resemble those found in the original game’s relationship events. For example, in Leah’s initial event, she will invite you to come to her house and work as an adult model for her erotic comic book, while in the original you’d be an audience to her work on a sculpture.

Alongside its story, StarLewd Valley also incorporates simple adventure game elements, allowing the player to explore their environments in certain scenes, or asking them to make dialogue choices when interacting with the girls. Future versions will feature more of the girls’ events from the game, as well as additional heroines.

Hi! I'm Zaxton and I'm making an adult video game!

I have always enjoyed playing adult games plus that I love drawing.

So one day I decided to create my own adult game as a hobby!

StarLewd Valley is a short visual novels game that is a parody of Stardew Valley.

The game will base on heart events from the female character in the game!

The game will allow you to experience the story of each female character in the game!

You can download the latest public release of StarLewd Valley for PC or Android from Itch.io. If you’d like to support the project, you can do so on Zaxton’s Patreon.

Keep an eye on more lewd projects by following us on Twitter.

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