Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Delve into the world of Mirnos as you are sent to on a suicide mission with your allies to fight deadly creatures in PARASITE BLACK.

PARASITE BLACK is a unique mix of visual novel, turn-based-RPG, and a little bit of point-and-click adventure game mechanics. You play as Caspian, a young man on his way to the Terminus Ceremony. This ceremony is held to assign life long jobs to students after they complete basic education courses. Caspian and his best friend Markus dreamed of working in the palace to be wealthy and sleep with court ladies. They studied hard enough to become the top of their class, but their efforts still weren’t enough. Both Caspian and Markus were sent to the Scouts Core, a group of warriors that carry out missions and fight on the front lines against the demorai, a dangerous race of creatures.

There are some point-and-click aspects when you begin the game. You can click on objects in your room and leave one area to enter the next. For the combat, there are arrows that point to the character that you want to act with first. Click that to show their options and after choosing to attack, arrows pointing towards the enemy will appear. Keep in mind that when you use an item, it can only be used on the character who is using their turn. There is also a card game planned for one part of the game, but it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Romance an assortment of women or have them join you on your adventures. Some choices you make can improve your relationship with a current girl or meet someone new. The sex scenes in the game are animated and there are a few customizable sex scenes where you can choose the position or toggle the X-ray vision. Damned Studios also has a multitude of fetishes planned.

Damned Studios plans on having two versions of the game: one censored and one uncensored. The censored one is for those who cannot handle vivid descriptions or images of gore and combat violence such as beheadings, torn off limbs, flesh being eviscerated, etc. Both versions will have sexual content, though.

Fetishes planned/or included:







-BDSM (Light)


-Fantasy beings

-Threesomes/foursomes etc

-Glorious short Stacks




-Cheating (Netori)


-Hand holding.

And more!

You can find and download the alpha build of PARASITE BLACK on Damned Studios’ Patreon page.

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