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Establish a relationship with a custom-made partner in E-Girlfriend, a dating sim currently being developed by Mr Deadbird.

E-Girlfriend is a dating sim where you purchase a custom-made robotic partner, who’s meant to provide you with a simulated relationship. Unlike a typical sex doll, the E-Girlfriend possess emotions, needs, and boundaries. To become an intimate lover for your new girlfriend, you’ll have to spend time with her, listen to her, and take care of her by providing her with food and time to sleep. As your relationship improves, the E-Girlfriend will open up to you and become more receptive towards sexual advances. If you mistreat her, however, she will distance herself from you, and might even refuse to see you from time to time.

The E-Girlfriend can be customized with various hairstyles and clothing sets found in the game’s world, or purchased for either the in-game money or using a premium currency. The adult content in the latest public build of E-Girlfriend is predominantly vanilla, but the title already features optional fetishes, such as NTR and Voyeurism. Additionally, as E-Girlfriend is Mr Deadbird's latest project, it has replaced the now abandoned MatchThem and Nasticity as the developer’s sole focus.


Having a fuck doll is not enough, that's why each one of our E-Girlfriends has simulated emotions and likes so you are not just fucking an empty shell. Still, she's built to please you.

Just gain her trust and make her do whatever you want to:

• Talk to her

• Spy on her with your drone

• Change her clothing

• Change her hair

• Eat together

• Visit many different places

• Met a variety of characters

• Punish her verbally and fiscally.

Fetishes so far(all are optional):

> >NTR<<



Vanilla (Hard Mode)

The latest public build of E-Girlfriend is available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android on Itch.io. If you’d like to support the game’s development, you can do so on Mr Deadbird’s Patreon, which will grant you access to the developer’s previous works, as well as codes for bonus currency within their games.

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