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Suzaku87's Puzzle Game Succubus Tales - Unmonitored Desires Released on Itch.io

A masked girl in your computer is willing to help you fuck your co-worker for a price in Succubus Tales - Unmonitored Desires, now available on Itch.io.

Succubus Tales - Unmonitored Desires is an erotic puzzle game where you play as a salaryman who is overworked by your asshole boss Richard. The only joy in your workplace is your colleague Anna, but you never get the opportunity to make the first move and ask her out. What makes you worry is that Richard has been spending a lot of time with Anna lately, making her stay overtime at the office. One night, a masked girl starts talking to you from your computer screen. She introduces herself as Bel and promises to fulfill your desires, though you have to do something for her in return.

You are able to change your name at the beginning of the game, otherwise it will default to Salaryman. Saves can only be made in the office or through autosaves. During puzzles or choices, you will not be able to save your game. Bel will ask you to organize nine fragments, which are pieces of one large puzzle, before time runs out. Click on the squares until you think you have the image correct, then click the checkmark to lock in your answer. Later on the puzzles will get more challenging and a new game mechanic will be added in. Some puzzle pieces will be missing and you will need to answer logic puzzles or riddles through multiple choice to receive the pieces. There are three endings in the game.

You're an everyday salaryman. You're only respite is a fellow Co-worker Anna, but you never get the chance to follow your desires until you meet a masked girl talking on your computer. She says she can answer your desires if you help her. Will you make a deal with a devil?

You can find Succubus Tales - Unmonitored Desires, listed as "name your own price," on Itch.io.

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