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A finale to the decade-long series of yaoi visual novels, Trap Genesis will be soon available on Steam.

Eroge Japan has announced the upcoming release of Trap Genesis, a yaoi visual novel serving as the finale of No Strike’s Trap Shrine series. The story is in itself a part of a larger series of yaoi visual novels that Nishida Hajime and Aogiri Penta have been working for the past 10 years. The Trap Shrinetrilogy itself began with the 2019 visual novel in which, after enduring years of ascetic training to inherit his parent’s shrine, chief priest Masato prayed to his local goddess Yui for guidance in finding love. Seeing the reincarnation of her past lover in the protagonist, the crossdressing goddess herself appeared before him, asking Masato to marry her. Later on, the protagonist also found lovers in a rival goddess and the previous, exiled head priestess, who came to question Masato’s ownership of the shrine but ended up falling head over hills for him.

After inadvertently creating a large harem of crossdressers at his shrine, it seemed like Masato could finally find peace and forget his worries. It was then that his clumsy companion Hinowa turned into a powerful goddess of chaos. Originally tasked with watching over Yui’s seal as the gods’ errand boy, the scatterbrained Hinowa still claimed to be a powerful god in his own right, and as it turns out, he wasn’t lying. As he showcases his new form and amazing powers to the group, his exact intentions remain a secret. Once again, it will be up to Masato to forge a bond of understanding and resolve the new, upsetting conflict.

Crossdressing themed visual novel "Trap Genesis" will open door to the new world!

A new universe of traps is here!

This is the long-awaited final of the ten-year-old "Trap" series!

This is the genesis of a blessed world where Gods, men, and crossdressers can love each other freely!

We invite all our readers to immerse themselves in this brand new world, and be lifted to ever greater heights by this, the holy scripture of the Trap series!

Finally, the advent is upon us!


After settling out the ban on love imposed by Tamaki and Subaru, peace returns to the life of our favorite group. Finally, it's time for the festival... unless a certain kluts of a goddess called Hinowa has a say in it! As luck, would have it, Hinowa turns out to be an ancient goddess of chaos!

As the world as we know it is about to be engulfed in chaos and darkness, our lovely hinky goddesses make a final stand!

Will they be able to save the world?! Will their love finally be acknowledged?!

Find out this and more, in Trap Shrine trilogy's riveting finale!

Trap Genesis will become available for purchase on September 18th, 8PM EDT on Steam for $9.99 with a 10% discount over the first week of publishing. The game will be released as an all-ages story with an optional adult patch available via ErogeJapan’s website. Despite the erotic content being distributed separately from the game, Trap Genesis will nonetheless feature mosaic censorship, as seen in the previous entries of the series.

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