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A vigilante thief investigates a series of kidnappings in Azurezero’s Phantom Thief Sylphy, an adult stealth game now available on Steam and DLsite.

Phantom Thief Sylphy follows the secondary protagonist from Azurezero’s previous game, Abyssal Agent Alyss, in a spin-off prequel about the secondary heroine’s first encounters with the supernatural. Put in the shoes of the kindhearted Phantom Thief Sylphy, who steals from the evil and corrupt, the player will be tasked with investigating a missing persons case. Their first clue is an unusual erotic painting, which seems connected to the disappearances of various young women, who are often last seen viewing the exhibit.

Each level of the game is a separate caper. Sylphy can prepare herself and make plans with her girlfriend, the hacker known as Voyeur, before departing to the location of the heist. Not being much of a fighter, Sylphy has to rely on stealth, wits, and a handy grappling hook to outmaneuver guards as she solves various logical puzzles standing in the way of her prize. If caught, Sylphy may get away using her taser, so long she has spare batteries. Otherwise, her enemies will tear her clothes off, piece by piece, and eventually violate her. The game’s erotic content mainly portrays abuse at the hands of humans, monsters, and sexual devices, all portrayed using Live2D animations.

Phantom Thief Sylphy is a stealth adventure game. Sneak, evade capture and solve puzzles as you steal from and expose the corruption of the rich and powerful. Try not to get caught though, lest you become another victim.

This game is a spin off/prequel for Abyssal Agent Alyss and includes Sylphy's first brush with the supernatural. She and her hacker partner: Voyeur work together to solve a missing person case. Unlike Abyssal Agent Alyss, this game is not an rpg.


Run around, avoid detection, swing to new heights with Sylphy's Grapple Gun. If She has nothing to defend herself her clothes will be torn off and she'll be captured. but after the lewd scene she'll escape and continue unless something more permanent occurs.

Features -

• Live2d sex animations

• Casual difficulty, only certain fail states result in a game over. but you can also savescum if you encounter difficulties.

• Simple and Fun stealth gameplay with puzzle solving. Understanding the layout of a level can also be integral to progression.

• A plethora of pleasure for our pretty & plump protagonist should you fail to evade capture.

• Unlockable gallery upon completion.

Phantom Thief Sylphy is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $8.49 until September 15th, at which point it will cost $9.99. The game is also available on DLsite for $13.97 (estimated from ¥1,540). A demo of the game can be downloaded from the DLsite store page.

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