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FAKKU's Online Store is Currently Closed Due to Adult Content Purge by Big Tech Platforms

FAKKU is unable to accept orders for digital or physical goods from their online store due to complications between their third-party service and mainstream tech platforms.

On August 31st, FAKKU Tweeted out an image, stating that they were experiencing issues with their online store in regards to the purchase of their products. They were working on these problems and would keep everyone updated. September 8th, FAKKU made a forum post that gave a brief explanation of what was going on. It states:

As of August 31st, 2021, FAKKU is unable to accept orders for digital or physical goods (doujin, games, books, apparel, etc) from our store, which was hosted by a 3rd party service. This does not impact FAKKU Unlimited subscriptions. Pre-orders placed before August 31st, 2021 will be shipped to customers on-time and without issue, barring any unforeseen unrelated circumstances. We are actively working to create an order status page for these orders that will provide tracking and additional information.

All new non-subscription releases are currently delayed. FAKKU is actively working on getting a new storefront in place for order fulfillment and we will be posting more updates soon.

FAKKU added in another post, answering common questions they received from customers. Any pre-orders that were already paid for will be fulfilled on time and order status pages will be made available soon. FAKKU Unlimited subscriptions will not be affected. Any digital books or games already purchased on FAKKU are still accessible. As of right now, FAKKU cannot accept any new orders for digital or physical goods.

According to FAKKU, this was not a security breach and no customer information was compromised. What happened was a result of mainstream tech platforms’ attack against adult content. As they are no longer able to use their third-party hosted store, they are working on a new storefront so they can fulfill orders. However, there is no estimated date for when the new store will be available. We tried reaching out to FAKKU for more information about their closure, but we have yet to receive any response.

You can read the full post in FAKKU’s forums. They have also suggested other stores to buy physical copies of their books, such as RightStuf, Powell’s Books, Archonia, and Amazon. Unfortunately, a digital copy of the book does not come with the physical copy if you order from those sites.

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