You will never be the same again

A reawakened dragon fights for his birthright in 4MinuteWarning’s Ravager, an adult fantasy RPG available now on Steam Early Access.

In Ravager, you play as a dragon summoned by princess Adeline, rightful heiress to the Draconic Throne. Her royal line has always ruled the kingdom with dragon kings by their side; however, her mother had died, along with the last dragon, two decades ago. Since then, Adeline has been patiently waiting to come of age and retake the kingdom for herself.

The princess’ wish doesn’t come as easily as she wanted, though. The nobles have been ruling the kingdom as a republic for long enough to grow accustomed to their new lifestyle, and they have no intention towards reestablishing a monarchy. As such, they kidnap Adeline and force you to flee. If you want the kingdom, you will have to grow in power and return to claim it through force.

Ravager is divided into multiple chapters, each representing the growth of the player as a dragon, and the growth of their power over the lands. In each chapter, you’re free to explore various areas of the kingdom, where you will find opportunities to find both riches and allies.

The game is presented in the fashion of a visual novel, with abundance of choice and the player’s stats dictating the direction of the story. Due to the nature of the narrative and the nature of the player as a dragon, the story of Ravager contains many controversial scenes. To make the game more approachable, many of these have been made optional. To see such contents as rape, gore, incest, bestiality, NTR, pregnancy, and more, the player has to activate them in the options menu or during the introductory cutscene.

Ravager is a game where you play a young dragon, determined to reclaim their birthright. To do so, you will need to build your power, ally with dark forces, evade justice, and whet your monstrous appetites.


Explore your way through a dark fantasy saga that will lead you into the deepest reaches of the world, where you may build your lair. Combine forces with the half-human tribes, opportunistic mercenaries, and stranger powers - like long-forgotten gods, or conniving infernals. Return on the warpath, conquer the lands, and depose the regent who rules in your stead. Forge your kingdom into the shape you want, and reap the benefits of power.


Choose to tackle your challenges through strength or cunning, respect or fear. There are no simplistic morality systems at work here, and you will not be punished for thinking outside of the box. Be magnanimous or tyrannical, honourable or devious, gracious or predatory - and feel free to combine those approaches as your heart and mind see fit.


Ravager has a voice-acted cast of dozens, each with their own motivations and inclinations. You'll meet eager supporters, allies of convenience, and deadly foes. Follow their ascent (or descent) under your influence, and decide their fate. Perhaps you might even find love along the way.

Ravager is available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam Early Access for $14.99. Before purchase, you can try the game out by playing the latest public build on

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