Slaps and faps for all kinds of boys and girls

Interact with gynoid girls and help them gain sexual knowledge by flipping cards in Zenox’s Project Venus.RP.

In Project Venus,RP, you play as a tester for life-like AI gynoids. Since artificial intelligence has become a necessity for our day to day lives, Zenox Future Technology corporation has been developing the Venus System. The Venus System was created to improve male products for sexual arousal. The system has a coding chip that helps the AI learn about erotica and what a person would find stimulating. The Zenox corporation is getting the gynoids ready for mass production, but they need to complete some final tests. You were provided with two gynoids: a first generation mass production model, 001 Alpha; and a second generation upgraded model, 002 Beta.

The game plays like a normal memory game. You are presented with a group of data chips with images. The chips will flip over, hiding what was shown, leaving you to flip over a chip in an attempt to try finding one with the same image. The images consist of things like clothing, objects, and actions. The chips you match will have an effect on your selected gynoid. If you match clothing, like panties or a bra, it will be removed from the gynoid. If you match an object, it can be used on her. These objects can be candle wax, ball gags, nipple clamps, anal beads, etc. The action chips are what you want to do to the gynoid. This is what it means for the gynoid to acquire “knowledge.”

Data chips are separated into three groups, parts, actions and items. While matching cards, you can put what she learned into practice. Combine an action or an item chip with a part chip to execute the command. Each time you create a combination of chips, you are adding to the data storage progress. Upload as much data to the gynoid as you can. There are choices for you to make that will lead you down different endings.

You can purchase Project Venus.RP on Steam for $3.99.

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