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Six eroge titles are available on Indiegala’s Hot Fantasy Bundle to pay what you want, so long as it's at least $9.99.

Enjoy a spicy yet affordable time with the Hot Fantasy Bundle, featuring eroge by qureate, REAL, flower games, U+ME PLUS, and UmeSoft. You have the option to pay $9.99 or more for the bundle. The games in this bundle:

Detective Masochist2 -The Case of the Tortured Servant-

The story takes place after the previous Detective Masochist game. The protagonist continuously tries to live up to his mentor’s image, but he fails to mask his incompetence. Not to mention his masochism is so prevalent, that hordes of sadistic women are drawn to him. To help our detective, his assistant and tormentor, Satomi Komatsu, is by his side. In this case, the duo needs to solve the Case of the Strange Rings. After some events, something is wrong with Satomi again. Whenever she gets excited, she turns into a ruthless sadist. Now, our submissive Sherlock has to find out the mystery of the rings and how to turn Satomi back to normal.

Fantasy Tavern Sextet -Vol.3 Postlude Days-

The final installment in the Fantasy Tavern Sextet series, Fantasy Tavern Sextet -Vol.3 Postlude Days- continues to follow our maid cafe chef from Akihabara. Some time has passed since he arrived in the fantasy world and started working at the Stray Sheep tavern. One day a girl bursts in to inspect their establishment. To the protagonist’s surprise, it was Anzu, a girl who worked at the maid cafe in his previous world. She is also working for the Stray Sheep’s rival tavern.


ItazuraVR is a virtual reality simulation where your cousin, whom you used to play with as a kid, starts living next door to you. She has grown up in all the right places. When she is alone, you are asked to look after her. Help her out around the house and enjoy chatting with her. Just be sure you don't touch her in the wrong places or else she will get angry.

Prison Princess

The two kingdoms of Aria Zaza and Zanji Zed had brought peace and prosperity to the Continent of Maygard, but it all came undone when the Demon King was released from his seal. The cities were invaded and the continent was engulfed in flame. The Demon King has ordered his minions to kidnap the princesses of both kingdoms. A man happened to appear with the blood of the ancient heroes; however, he met an unfortunate end. While all hope seems lost, the hero’s soul has managed to live on. Even as a spirit, he is still determined to save the princesses.


Succubus★Connect! Is a tactical card game about a regular girl named Yuina, who wakes up in a strange forest. While wandering about, she meets a succubus who has lost her body and memories. The two girls decide to team up to reach their goals. Together they are on a quest — for Yuina it’s a way home and for the succubus, it’s retrieving her body and memories.

The Tale of the Lewd Kunoichi Sisters

Not long after the marriage of Oda Oichi and Azai Nagamasa brought peace to their respective clans, Oda Nobunaga's army attacks the Asakura clan in Echizen. It just so happens that the Azai are allied to the Asakura, forcing the Azai clan to retaliate with plans to attack Nobunaga's army from behind. Knowing her husband’s plan, Oichi sends three kunoichi sisters — Sana, Tae, and Hatsume — to warn Nobunaga. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to anyone else, agents of Koka task their “Secret Eight” with the assassination of Lord Nobunaga. As fate would have it, Koka's Secret Eight are armed with unique ninja arts that only Sana, Tae, and Hatsume are able to match.

The Hot Fantasy Bundle is available as a pay what you want pricing, with a minimum price set at $9.99 on Indiegala until September 7th. There is also a crypto sale currently going on where, if you use a supported cryptocurrency, you can get an extra 30% off on this bundle.

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