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Direct balls into holes by drawing lines in Hot Hand’s Sweet Shine, available now on Steam.

Sweet Shine is a casual line drawing game featuring animated erotic scenes with three beautiful girls. In the game, you will need to direct the flow of a ball and lead it into the hole. If you complete the level, you will unlock one of the girl’s dynamic scenes. As you complete more levels, you will earn more points and unlock more opportunities with the girls. Scenes are customizable with a variety of costumes, props, and situations. There are maid outfits, bunny girl outfits, sailor uniforms with cat ears, lingerie, and more. Additional outfits, accessories, and kinks can also be unlocked as you gain more points.

Some levels can have unique obstacles where you will need to adjust how you draw the lines to work with the environment. Fans will blow balls in one direction, lasers can destroy balls, and a sticky pink material on a surface will cause balls to get stuck and become part of the sticky surface as well. These are just a few examples of the obstacles you will have to work around. Additionally, should you ever end up stuck on a section of the puzzle, you can use a hint for help. When balls go into the hole, they will fill a gauge at the bottom and score how well you did. To improve your score, collect the hearts on the map and avoid the broken hearts.

Game Features:

*Сute and sexy 3 different girls.

*An interesting, fun and creative draw line game.

*Intellectual game.

*Using animation technology, CG scenes, beautiful graphics,smooth animation.

*Various costumes and props.

*Have Automatic mode.

*50 exciting game levels with hints.

*As you earn points, unlock new opportunities for each of the girls.

*Japanese full sound.

You can find Sweet Shine for purchase on Steam at a price of $4.99.

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