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Yuri Visual Novel BlackberryNOVA Released on Steam

Nova B12 brings us BlackberryNOVA, a yuri story about a girl preparing for college and seeking a romantic relationship, now available on Steam.

BlackberryNOVA is the sequel to Nova B12’s BlueberryNOVA. You play as Kotori, a girl who's just setting out to achieve her goals in life. While most people go to college to get an education or start their new life as an independent individual, Kotori thinks it would be the best place to start a relationship. There are currently three main characters with routes and two side characters, with more side characters to be added in later updates.

The two side characters in the game as of right now are Izumi, Eri’s best friend who enjoys tennis, and Sapphire, a kind and helpful student. The main character routes are the most open and obvious routes, but there will be additional and hidden routes in the game. However, while you are not limited to one route, it is impossible to have romantic relations with all characters in a single playthrough.

Main Characters:

Eri Kirishima, an 18-year-old freshman with a bad temper who is obsessed with video games. She doesn't get along too well with people. Kotori meets Eri in college and, even though they got off on the wrong foot, she found her to be really interesting and attractive. She is interested in starting a relationship with Eri, but her best friend Izumi is categorically against it for some reason. Should Kotori choose love over friendship?

Yukino Akigawa is a 20-year-old junior and president of the Anime and Manga Club. Cheerful and self-confident, she gets along with just about everyone. She happens to like wearing fake animal ears. Yukino is friends with Kotori’s sister, Aika Kashinawa. She is thrilled to hear that Kotori is going to the same college and takes immediate interest in her. Yukino tries to get Kotori’s attention while keeping her to herself.

Aika Kashinawa, a 20-year-old junior and Kotori's sister. She is a member of the Anime and Manga Club and her favorite pastime is reading manga and drinking juice. When Kotori was young, she was secretly in love with Aika and believed that the feeling was mutual. After certain life events separated them, Kotori never got to confirm any of these feelings. Now, Kotori has accepted that her love for Aika is in the past and forgotten. What will happen when these two sisters meet again in college? Will these feelings finally come to the surface or remain unsaid?

You can Purchase BlackberryNOVA on Steam for $4.99. There is also a free decensoring patch available on Nova B12’s site.

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