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Date monster boys based off of classic horror movies in the visual novel dating sim, Monstrous Lovers, now available on DLsite, Steam, and

Man-Eater Games, the same developer of Blind Men, has released their first boys' love game with optional R-18 content, Monstrous Lovers. You play as Christopher Wells, a young government worker tasked with maintaining the peace between monsters and humans. Since he's tired of his position as a useless office worker that doesn't have an impact on anything, Christopher requests to be transferred to Saint George, a city with the highest population of monsters in the country. Christopher is bound to run into some problems in this new town, seeing that the Saint George office is not only understaffed and underfunded, but some monsters aren’t that willing to work with humans. Will Christopher find the position he dreamed of and be accepted by his monster peers or be rejected by those he wants to cooperate with?

Monstrous Lovers features four love interests to pursue and eight different endings, with the choice to be with a vampire, wolfman, invisible man, or an android. The characters are partially voiced by industry professionals and the game only features a Spanish language option, but the game’s subtitles can be changed to English.

Vincent Dracula

An outgoing, rebellious vampire with little respect for rules or boundaries.

Sebastian Griffin

An invisible man that compensates his insecurities by being overly controlling.

Isaac Rotwang

An android that hopes to gain a better understanding of himself by getting to know organics.

Ben Talbot

A friendly but slightly overprotective werewolf with a very big family.

You can buy Monstrous Lovers on and Steam for $14.99, as well as DLsite for 1,980 JPY ($18.02 USD). The Monstrous Lovers: Late Night Edition is also available for free on, which is a NSFW patch that adds sex scenes to the game.

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