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With the help of the devil herself, you will seduce and corrupt an innocent housewife in TiramisuLovesNtr’s game-in-progress, Ntrholic.

In Ntrholic, you play as Ryunosuke, the sleazy owner of two apartment blocks. Corrupting wives has become a hobby of his and ever since he inherited these apartments, he has been able to indulge in it more. Married couples would come to live in the spare apartment and Ryunosuke would be living right next door to them. Whenever the husband would leave for work, the wife would be left alone and unguarded at home, ripe for the picking. Your next prey is a couple named Chiho and Shota. They started out as high school sweethearts and have been married for two years. After all that time, they still haven’t got past the honeymoon phase. Chiho was a babe with a sexy body, but a timid disposition. It’s hard to believe that Shota was able to score a woman like her.

It will be tough to break apart such a pure love. Luckily for Ryunosuke, he has the devil Lilith on his side to give him all the erotic powers he needs to turn Chiho from an affectionate housewife to a cheating slut. However, Lilith doesn’t work for free. Ryunosuke can use her powers through his phone, but he needs to complete his mission within ninety days or Lilith will take his soul.

Ntrholic features minigames and high quality CGs in multiple settings. H-scenes can take place in Ryunosuke’s home, the couple’s apartment, the park, hotel, garage, and other locations. There will also be one Easter egg CG with live 2D animation. As of right now, Tiramisu is working on two versions of the game at the same time and both games are approximately 50% complete.

Tiramisu is asking for $4,998 AUD, which is approximately $3,852 USD, to fund Ntrholic on Kickstarter. If the game is funded, there are seven stretch goals available. At $7,800 AUD ($5,706 USD), there will be more development towards the story and voice acting for the home scenes. Tiramisu is planning to do six short stories for the game. At $9,000 AUD ($6,583 USD), there will be an H-animation for the balcony scene. At $14,000 AUD ($10,241 USD), Chiho’s home will become available in game. At $16,600 AUD ($12,143 USD), the night market will be developed for the game. At $20,000 AUD ($14,630 USD), by popular demand, a train scene will be added. At $24,000 AUD ($17,557 USD), there will be more stories and scenes in the gym, garage, and park. At 27,000 AUD ($19,751 USD), you can unlock Shota’s point-of-view to play the game through from the husband’s perspective.

As of writing this article, Ntrholic has successfully raised $8,150 AUD ($5,962 USD). The Kickstarter campaign ends on October 2nd. You can learn more about the game’s development on TiramisuLovesNtr’s Kickstarter page and Patreon.

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