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X-JazJaz-Z is Developing the 3D RPG A Gay Life

The test demo for X-JazJaz-Z's early game in progress, A Gay Life, is now available on Itch.io.

A Gay Life is a 3D slice-of-life RPG that's still in very early stages of development. Most content in the game is currently available for Patrons, such as early access content, but an early test demo of the game has been released on Itch.io. In the game's current build, you can explore a house, examine objects, and pick up journal entries. You also have a phone with a few functional apps, letting you change your phone’s background, use the flashlight, call someone, listen to a couple of the songs for the demo, or use the Man Findr. The Man Findr gives you information on gay men who are near you, providing their name, photo, age, and how many meters away they are from you. You can use The Man Findr as a navigator to know just how close they are to you. While the call app seems functional, seeing as you can input numbers, no phone numbers have been found in the house and dialing random numbers does nothing.

There is also a separate section from the house that explains how the game will function, it’s programming, and other developments. If you want to access that area, you will need to leave the house and go to the right. The test demo begins at night, so you won’t be able to see anything; bring the phone, use the flashlight app, and hit a switch to make it daytime.

X-JazJaz-X is planning on adding a multiplayer mode and a story mode with future updates. They plan to make the storyline after the dialogue system and intercourse simulation are completed.

You can play the test build of A Gay Life on Itch.io. If you like what you see, you can support the game’s development on Jaz’ Patreon page.

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