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Lewdecent Is Making the World of Gumball Adult Parody Visual Novel LewdAccident

Forge an intimate relationship with Yuki and Nicole while under their care in LewdAccident, a 2.5D visual novel being developed by Lewdecent.

LewdAccident is an adult parody featuring two characters from The Amazing World of Gumball: the caring mother of the Watterson family, Nicole, and the cunning cloud, Yuki Yoshida. The story begins with the pair accidentally crashing their car into the player character as he was crossing the road. Not willing to lose her driving license, Nicole takes Yuki’s advice to drive the protagonist to their home, where Yuki’s family doctor can secretly take a look at the protagonist. While our hero comes out largely unscathed, he ends up suffering from amnesia as a result of the crash. For the time being, Yuki invites him to make himself at home until he can regain his memory.

The story then skips two weeks ahead. In that time, the protagonist has already established an intimate relationship with both Yuki and Nicole. Though the two girls aren’t fully aware of the other’s involvement, it seems unlikely that either one would mind being part of a threesome. At this point, the player gains control over their character, allowing them to explore the large building and solve simple puzzles, inadvertently leading to intimate moments spent with the heroines.

LewdAccident features a 2.5D art style with 3D environments and narration in the style of a visual novel. The latest demo features some placeholder assets (such as the player’s character model, which the developer plans to improve in future updates), along with the addition of new locations, events, mechanics, and adult scenes.

The team working on the game, Lewdecent, is comprised of the programmer Leandro Dreamer, writer VandreX, and artist Hark Art, who previously created the parody comics The Amazing Surprise, featuring Nicole, Yuki, and Gumball.

The latest demo of LewdAccident is available on Despite the store page featuring mosaic censoring on its screenshots, the game proper doesn’t feature any form of censorship. You can keep track of the game's development by following Lewdecent on either Twitter and Patreon. Supporters of the project will gain early access to future demos and can vote in development polls.

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