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Regain your freedom by escaping a demon’s domain in Nayla's Castle, a platformer with a futanari protagonist being developed by Quidev.

At the start of her story, the heroine of Nayla's Castle awakens in the middle of a stone hall, being raped by a demoness on top of her. Introducing herself as Nayla, the demon girl explains that the heroine has been cursed and proposes a little game they could play together: If the heroine can reach the castle’s exit and defeat Nayla, she'll be freed. Otherwise, both her and her entertaining assets will become Nayla’s property. Naturally, it's not a wager the protagonist can afford to refuse.

Throughout the game, you help the nameless protagonist navigate through platforming challenges across the sprawling castle. The demons' domain hides not only corridors but also vast deserts and sprawling forests located within its walls. Spikes and pitfalls aren’t the only challenges ahead, as many of Nayla’s servants patrol the areas and will attack the heroine on sight. If either beaten or charmed by the heroine, these monster girls can then be raped, which also restores the heroine’s health. Most adult content is presented as pixel art animations, though many of them also feature a CG that’s added to the gallery when discovered for the first time.

Currently, Nayla's Castle features three full levels with bosses, with a fourth currently in development. Quidev plans to produce a game with five levels in total, but they might expand it to seven or nine if the project gains enough support.

Nayla's Castle is a (+18) game that contains monster girls, lesbian, femdom and futanari animations and artwork. Inspired by japanese hentai pixel eroges.

"This is weird...

Normal people can't handle the curse.

You're... different."

Fetish and Theme

• Ahegao

• Big Tits

• Big Ass

• Creampie

• Fantasy

• Female Domination

• Futanari

• Lesbian

• Monster Girls

A free public build of Nayla's Castle can be downloaded on Itch.io. You can also keep track of the project by following Quidev on Twitter and Patreon, where supporters can also gain early access to future builds of the game and vote in content polls.

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