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A conflict for justice and vengeance plays out in Nitroplus’ Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, an action drama visual novel now available on JAST USA.

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa takes place in an alternate history depiction of a post-World War 2 Japan, where military engagements now play out between wielders of enchanted suits of armor called Tsurugi. While these flying suits of armor grant their wielders the superhuman abilities necessary to fight for what’s right, they could also be misused to bring misery.

The story follows Minato Kageaki, the owner of Muramasa, a powerful Tsurugi which caused needless suffering to many innocents in the past. Despite being dutiful and successful in stopping many a corrupt men, Kageaki is nonetheless a jaded individual, unwilling to claim that his side of the conflict is right. In the story proper, he’s pretending to be part of the Kamakura Police Department as an undercover agent on a mission from the Prince, with his task being to chase down a ruthless Tsurugi warrior called the Silver Star.

This is not a story of heroes.

Since time immemorial, warriors called musha have ruled the battlefield, granted supernatural power by their enchanted suits of armor - tsurugi.

Minato Kageaki is one such musha, driven by duty to don his crimson armor and challenge the greatest evils of an age. But though madmen and tyrants fall to his blade, never will he claim that his battle is right.

For the tsurugi he wields is cursed Muramasa, which five centuries ago brought ruin to the land, and innocent blood is the price it demands in exchange for its terrible might.

"Where there are demons, I slay them. Where there are saints, I slay them."

These words are an oath, the unbreakable Law binding him to his armor. But they also tell the story of his past, and of the future to come.

Rooted in traditional warrior philosophy and packed full of action, drama, and humor, this epic visual novel is an experience you'll never forget.

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is now available on JAST USA for $35.99. A collector’s edition of the visual novel is available on J-List for $199.99, featuring the game on DVD, a bamboo outer box, the Orihon Artbook, a 7” vinyl record, a happi coat, and additional download codes for the game.

In addition to the game, J-List is selling a limited edition figurine of the heroine's mother, Muramasa the Second, for $179.99. Measuring 9.4 inches (24cm) in a 1/7 scale, the figure features two face and torso designs: a serious expression and her basic outfit, or a more mischievous look and a black bikini. The figurine’s production will be limited to two hundred units.

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