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Featuring an older bride who teases the protagonist, Hachimitsu Soft’s second married couple project, Knotfiction, is now officially available on Steam in English.

While we previously released an article about Kakugo Translations' fan-translation patch of Knotfiction, the patch will no longer be available due to the official release of the game. Kakugo Translations put out a post on their blog in regards to it.

Knotfiction follows a relationship between a younger man Yuuki and his older, sister-like wife Chisa. While the two of them are married and very much in love, Chisa still treats Yuuki more like a little brother than a man. She has been in love with Yuuki since he was still a child, back then the pair even promised to get married in the future. Though, even after getting married, their relationship has remained the same with Yuuki trying to close the gap between him and his beloved Chisa as she continues to poke fun at him. This is a sweet and simple story where a wife awakens her husband’s wild side.

This is Hachimitsu Soft’s second married life project, the first game being HarmonEy. Unlike the heroine from the previous game, Chisa is skilled at both housework and and her writing career. She takes a more active role in the sex scenes and, sometimes, Yuuki will transform into a wolf. There are ten sex scenes in total.

Invincible older bride

Chisa Narumiya

Height: 165cm Blood type: A type Nickname: Chisane

Favorite things: Husband, Cat, Nature

Dislike: Deadline, ghost, natto

Hobbies: Play with Yuuki, reading

Pros: both beatiful and intelligent, Everything is dry

Disadvantages: Playful, Relatively my pace

Liquor: normal(Easy to get a hangover)

Originally, she was a neighbor's older sister who loved Yuuki from an early age, and mainly writes novels.

A person who has achieved the "let's get married" that is common when he was a child.

It may be a remnant of those days, but he is a playful bride who makes fun of Yuuki even after marriage.

She is good at housework and work, talented and has a lot of income.

Perhaps because of that, she "forces" most of her living expenses.

You can find Knotfiction for purchase on Steam for $24.99.

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