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Survive as a refugee in a world consumed by war in Dystopian Project’s Claire's Quest: GOLD, a dark fantasy RPG published by TinyHat Studios on Steam.

Claire's Quest: GOLD is the newly-released Steam version of Claire’s Quest, a long-time project of development studio Dystopian Project, which we first featured back in 2017. The game follows a meek, common woman named Claire, as she’s forced out of her hometown by the ravages of war, becoming another inhabitant of a far-off refugee camp. Vulnerable and unsuited for a world filled with lies and brutality, Claire has to find her own way to survive. What awaits her is a life of slavery, prostitution, and intrigue.

Given the protagonist’s lack of combat prowess, Claire's Quest: GOLD doesn’t feature a combat system, with Claire instead having to cheat, sneak, and flirt her way out of conflict and towards her goals. The player has access to four different parameters: defiance, intrigue, seduction, and depravity. Decisions made throughout the adventure will either change these values or use them to decide whether Claire was able to succeed, shaping the story and opening new routes. Aside from the game's more diplomatic challenges, the player will also have to solve occasional logic puzzles as well.

Claire's Quest: GOLD differs from the two editions found on the studio’s Patreon page by featuring a new storyline about the life of showgirls in the city-state of Valos. This story replaces the urchins' storyline, which featured content that could be deemed unsuitable for Steam, but is still available in Claire's Quest: BLACK, available on the developer’s Patreon. A third, complete edition of the game containing both quest lines can also be found on Patreon as well.

Despite featuring somewhat tamer content compared its other versions, Claire's Quest: GOLD is still a story about survival in a dark, merciless world. Players should still expect to see depictions of sexual violence, prostitution, murder, rape, and bestiality at the hands of both monsters and animals.

Claire's Quest: GOLD is now available on Steam Early Access for the promotional price of $17.99 until August 30th, at which point it will cost $19.99.

Claire's Quest: BLACK is instead available on Dystopian Project’s Patreon, where you can also gain access to the all-in-one complete edition by donating $30 or more, be it over the course of several months or instantly by signing up for the team’s most expensive subscription tier.

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