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A boy searches for love in a world where romance is regulated by the government in Ouchi Jikan’s HoneyHoneyHoney!, a romance visual novel now available on Steam and Johren.

HoneyHoneyHoney! is a romantic comedy taking place in a world where, due to issues with sexual harassment, the government has created laws dictating proper interactions between people of opposite genders. Men and women are to remain six feet apart at all times and have to appeal for authorization if they wish to go out on a date with someone. Interpersonal relations have become rare, with long-distance relationships becoming the new norm. The story follows Shun, a young student beginning his education at an academy, in his attempts to forge romantic relationships with a trio of heroines: the innocent Tsukasa Tono, the rebellious Arika Chikamori, and the mature homeroom teacher, Miyuki Mitsumine.

HoneyHoneyHoney! features a fully voiced, ten-hour long story, three lead heroines with separate story routes, and high-res, 1080p artwork by Itsuki Ozora.

Tsukasa Tono

“People who wish to date while at the academy have to apply for permission.”

As president of the love audit club, Tsukasa has made it her personal mission to ensure all on-campus relationships are approved—or rejected!—in accordance with current gender segregation laws. Despite her dedication to the cause, this black-haired beauty has yet to experience love herself, instead letting her wild imagination read the lewd and obscene into even the most innocent of guy-girl situations. Just as she begins to despair, however, her childhood friend, Shun, transfers to the same academy and agrees to help her research sex and dating—all in the name of science, of course.

Arika Chikamori

“You don't need to run! You're the only person I chase around like this, you know?”

A flashy freshman and the ideological opposite of Tsukasa, this sass-mouthed blonde is a vocal opponent of the gender segregation laws. Arika believes all individuals should be free to love whomever, whenever, and wherever they want. It's no surprise, then, that a certain hands-on situation on her first meeting with Shun invites her to misunderstand him as a bold ally in her fight for free love. Only problem is, now she clings to him at every chance, much to his dismay...

Miyuki Mitsumine

“I'm happy to lend you my chest whenever you need, Shun.”

Also new to campus is Shun's buxom homeroom teacher, Miyuki. Gentle, kind, and well-loved by her students, she also happens to be... Shun's old babysitter from when he was a child?! It's been ten years since they've talked, but "Ms. Mitsumine" still seems to enjoy doting on him—both on campus and off of it. In fact, whenever they're alone together, all sense of personal boundaries flies out the window, and her true feelings return to the surface...

HoneyHoneyHoney! is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $23.99 until August 29th, at which point it will cost $29.99, as well as on Johren for $29.80. Adult content for the Steam version of the game needs to be installed separately through free DLC available on Johren.

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