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A human is summoned into a magical world to be a mage’s familiar in Wanderer, an isekai heavily inspired by multiple games.

Inspired by such titles as Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero), Nekopara, Stardew Valley, and Disco Elysium, Wanderer is an adventure eroge with RPG and dating sim elements. Our protagonist Hugh was living an ordinary life when he was suddenly transported to another world and surrounded by people speaking a strange language. Thanks to the help of a translation spell, he learns an obnoxious girl named Marie Pompadour was summoning a familiar and somehow ended up bringing Hugh into their world. Now, Hugh is stuck in the world of Andir as a slave to Marie. He sleeps on the floor and is only fed table scraps. Even if he tries to escape, he easily gets captured. Since Hugh is going to be here for a while, he will need to adjust to this world of magic and maybe find love in the process.

Chat with girls and develop Hugh’s character traits to progress through the story. Who you romance and your characteristics can affect how the story progresses and what quests become available to you. You can increase characteristics such as your intelligence, strength, and more.

Wanderer has an in-game time system where certain events will happen on specific dates and times of the day. Some people, mysteries, and dangerous events will only be available during the night. There are other unique events during school hours, such as exams. Other events are random so it is important to pay attention to your surroundings and the characters around you. There is a D&D-esque element in the game as well, with outcomes of actions determined by rolling dice.

The Academy was founded at the beginning of the century by great magicians. Here our hero, Dedicated as the pet, begins his great journey. The Academy accepts only children of the magical aristocracy. The Academy of Magic Arts keeps secrets and stories that will make your blood run cold. You are going to an exciting journey in an extraordinary world!

On the way Hugh will meet many heroes who have their own secrets and mental anguish. Hugh will have to establish a relationship with them and perhaps, even find love!

Hugh's adventure is just beginning and it's up to you how it will go! In his long wanderings, Hugh will visit completely different, but beautiful and unexplored places in the world of Andir!

You can find and download the public build, version 0.1.3, for Wanderer on TopHouse Studio’s Patreon Page.

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