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Math Quiz Game Ms. Han's After-School Tutoring Now Available on Steam Early Access

Solve math equations and win the heart of your tutor in A-GUI’s Ms. Han's After-School Tutoring, a quiz game now available on Steam.

Ms. Han's After-School Tutoring is a one-part visual novel and one-part educational math game, with the game's story beginning when Ms. Han is hired as a private tutor for a depressed boy. Ms. Han is an enthusiastic, dedicated teacher; having been mistreated, by both faculty and her past students, she now puts communication and understanding her students as her top priority. This approach turns out to be key in connecting with the game’s protagonist: a young man whose parents are never home due to constant business trips. Treated like an orphan by his classmates, the boy eventually dropped out of school and locking himself in his room for the past two years, feeling abandoned by his family.

As his parents left home once again, they handed over the keys to Ms. Han, giving her access to one of the rooms as a live-in tutor. Her demeanor and friendly approach reinvigorate the protagonist, motivating him to leave his room again and study math with her. Your job is to help the protagonist with his math quizzes, picking correct answers to raise your academic score and impress Ms. Han. Raising your score high enough will increase the protagonist’s level, and unlock new scenes where his relationship with Ms. Han deepens, eventually, she begins rewarding the young man in more intimate ways.

Aside from featuring a visual novel story with a voiced heroine and simple math puzzles, Ms. Han's After-School Tutoring is compatible with the A-GUI Joystick. The accessory is a masturbatory device for men that can be plugged into their PC, letting it to react to any in-game events. A special sleeve meant to simulate intimate experiences with Ms. Han has also been developed for the device and is sold separately.

Ms. Han is enthusiastic about teaching. She believes that she can motivate students as long as she listens to what they really want and communicate with them with patience. When invited by a parent one day, she agrees to be a tutor for a problematic student, who finds it difficult to adapt to his life on campus.

Ms. Han's After-School Tutoring is now available on Steam Early Access for the promotional price of $7.19 until August 26th, at which point it will cost $7.99. The developers plan for the Early Access period to last for about six months, during which they'll be adding more story events in accordance with player feedback.

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