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Control a demon and chase schoolgirls at an abandoned school building in yawakado’s horror game, ハメオニ SEXDAEMON.

ハメオニ SEXDAEMON is a short horror game with a pixel art aesthetic about a trio of young girls who decide to visit an abandoned school building for a test of courage. The local rumors say that a creature called the Sexdaemon lurks around at its rooftop. The trio decides to go there themselves, confident that even if the ghost is real, they can deal with him easily. When the massive creature emerges from the shadows, they do manage to prove themselves right — at least, at first.

The creature barely finishes announcing its arrival when the cunning, dark-skinned Yuka is already gone, having swiftly run away. Her brilliant friend Mana reacts soon after, pepper spraying the creature, briefly stunning it. The naïve, but powerful Mio uses the opportunity to throw the monster off the roof with her judo skills. Their attempts to deal with the Sexdaemon are short-lived, unfortunately, as the creature returns back to its feet at the base of the school, merely angered by the girls.

Throughout the game, you control the demon as he takes revenge on the trapped girls. Your goal is to rape each girl three times, which will turn them into the demon’s sex slaves. To do so, you have to catch them, with each girl trying to stay away from you the best she can. The Sexdaemon lacks any special abilities, meaning that the player has to rely on their own cunning and exploit the environment by making use of looping corridors and scattered furniture, which can block the way of the confused victims.


Estimated clearing time: 30 minutes

Rules of the game

This is a game to catch three heroines in the school.

If you catch each heroine 3 times, the game will be cleared.

CG Room

After clearing the game, the CG room where you can see all the CGs will be released.

Trial Version

The game cannot be transferred from the trial version.


You can move with the arrow keys

Hold down the shift key to dash.

Pressing the Shift key during a line will make the line invisible.


You can save by talking to the red monster in the center room on the second floor of the school.

ハメオニ SEXDAEMON is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $4.91 (estimated from ¥539) until September 13th, at which point it will cost $7.01 (estimated from ¥770). A demo of the game can also be found on the store page.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to a Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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