Lick twice for service

After saving a fox demon from a snowstorm, the two of you start living together in Silent Fox and BananaKing’s fantasy visual novel, Living Together with Fox Demon.

Published by Lewd Formosa and PlayMeow Games, Living Together with Fox Demon is a visual novel with some interactive dating sim mechanics. While you were climbing up a mountain, a snowstorm managed to catch you off guard. Just as you thought you’d freeze to death on the mountain, you find a collapsed fox demon in the same situation as you, and decide to make use of her demonic powers to carry her back to your home. That life altering chance encounter is how you ended up living together with Vivi, the fox demon. While she may be harmless, merely being in her presence may cause other demons to make an appearance; maybe you'll even get an opportunity to meet them?

The time you spend with Vivi spans thirty days, with special plot events unlocking as the days go by. There are four different ways for the player to interact with Vivi: conversation, interaction, go out, and have sex, with there being several different positions to do with Vivi. You can even do all of these actions in the same in-game day. Take her to places to increase her positive feelings for you and manage her stress; talk to Vivi to learn about her past and secrets. Living Together with Fox Demon features multiple H-scenes, twenty seven CGs, and over three hundred CG variations.

But remember, living with a demon means you might see other demons along the way...

◆ Game Features

◇27 basic CG, including more than 300 differences

◇Love cultivation game

◇Game ending: four kinds

You can buy Living Together with Fox Demon on Steam for $12.99. The developers also plan on updating the game and adding more to the story in the future.

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