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Independent developer TitDang is working on an adult visual novel parody of Dota 2, titled Luna in the Tavern.

Luna in the Tavern takes place at the Sundered Moon, a place where heroes often come to relax after their tiring battles and adventures. While normally only open to the exceptional few, the owner of the establishment occasionally allows anyone to enter his humble tavern. Everyone tends to be eager to do so, as it may just be their only chance to meet their revered heroes. One such hero, Luna, hadn't realized that the open night was taking place tonight; she hadn’t made any reservations and ended up coming too late to the tavern to get a room since all were taken. Fortunately, the tavern’s owner is an acquaintance of Luna and strikes a deal with her: she'll entertain his guests for a while, and can make use of his personal quarters in exchange for her services.

As Luna spends time with the guests, the player is often asked to make decisions as to what she will say, often detailing Luna’s backstory through their choices. As one might expect, a tavern full of drunk men isn’t the safest place to be at. The guests will often molest and even try to rape Luna, though depending on their choices, the player may also see Luna herself grow interested in letting off some steam.

Despite its title, Luna in the Tavern isn’t focused on just a single heroine, as the latest version of the game contains scenes featuring Mirana and Lina. As Luna runs into these heroines, she can spend time with them and explore their own storylines, with endings to Lina’s story being planned for the next update of the game.

Luna in the Tavern is a quality web visual novel about drinking.

Drink with the folks, play their game, or break the rules! Can there be anything better than some good debauchery in a tavern after a long journey? Luna has her own opinion on the matter! The locals draw her into a drinking game of "Never have I ever..." and only you can help her win! Or lose...

Game features:

✨ A visual novel with many choices

🎭 5 possible endings

💕 16 scenes

🎪 A gallery to track your progress

🎉 Your choices really matter

🎶 Original soundtrack

A demo of Luna in the Tavern is available on Itch.io. You can learn more about the project and support it through TitDang’s Patreon.

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