Fapping is more than just a game

Reunite with the rest of your family after your father's disappearance in Studio Ginkgo's adventure RPG, Spooky Milk Life.

Spooky Milk Life, the latest game in development from Studio Ginkgo — the creator of ISEKAI QUEST — has you play as a young man who returns to live with his mother and sisters after his father went missing. Five years ago, your parents divorced, with your father taking you with him and leaving your sisters with your mom, Missy. He raised you to be strong in all this time, but you never expected him to disappear so suddenly. With nowhere else to turn, you’ll be reunited with a family you haven’t seen in five years, and while some may welcome you with open arms, others treat you with disdain. Will you be able to repair your familial bonds?

The town of Mid Night Falls isn’t what you remember from five years ago, though; mysterious things have been happening around this little town. The townspeople have grown more sexual in public, mentors must see your dick before they can help you, women at the gym exercise while having their pussies stimulated, toy stores sell sex ed toys for kids, and there's even a warehouse of malfunctioning sex dolls that attack people. Just what other secrets does this town hold?

In Spooky Milk Life, you can either navigate by using the keyboard or clicking around with the mouse, but to interact with anything, you always need to use the mouse. Examine objects and talk to characters to progress through the game, completing quests and earning affection from the women around town. Some quests might ask you to get items that can only be obtained by enemies or items you can craft in your garage, with materials available in the toy stores to find and collect. Just be careful around the malfunctioning sex dolls.

The combat in the game, as well as some of the mini-games, involves you stopping a dial on the right area of a meter or spamming a button to completely fill a gauge. These meters will show up twice, with one to decide the damage you inflict on an enemy and another to decide the damage you receive. If you hit the center, you'll either deal some damage or dodge an attack, depending on the context. The yellow area outside of the center will do a small amount of damage to the enemy or you. If you miss the center completely and land in the grey area, no damage will be done or the enemy will inflict moderate damage. The enemies also have the option of fucking you until you cum, leading to an arousal meter appearing and filling up. If you cum, you'll receive critical damage with a high chance of getting knocked out. Shake off the enemy by mashing the mouse button to fill up the bar that appears at the top.

- System -

+ Time system: NPCs will act differently Day/Night/Weekend

+ Various Items and crafting system

+ Main quests and numerous side quests

+ Interesting characters to satisfy your fetish

+ Lots of erotic scenes with sexual jokes

...And will be updated more!

You can play the public version of Spooky Milk Life on Itch.io. The game will also be coming to Steam later this fall. If you enjoy what the game has to offer, consider funding the game’s development on Patreon.

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