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Independent developer Asephy is working on a simulation game about the life of a server at a femboy-themed burger joint, named Femboy Burgers.

In Femboy Burgers you play as a young man who’s freshly moved to his first private apartment, struggling to pay his bills. In his desperation, the protagonist applies for work at a femboy-themed burger joint. Playing as the blue-haired hero, the player has to manage his day-to-day grind at work and balance his physical and mental needs. This involves serving the customers, balancing income with expenses, and finding time to rest amid the protagonist’s busy personal life.

A large portion of the game takes place at the burger joint serving customers. In the fashion of classic food service simulators, the player has access to a slew of ingredients, from which they have to compose meals according to the clients’ wishes. In the current version of the game, the player may pour drinks, prepare fries, and make two kinds of burgers. Most of these procedures require good time management and attentiveness, as the player has to pay for any wasted food.

As it later turns out, Femboy Burgers itself doesn’t just serve food, but also its staff. If the player manages to chain enough successful orders in a row, they can offer their clients a special order, which currently comes with a handjob. Serving food isn’t all there is to the game; however, as the player gets to control the protagonist outside of work as well, which allows them to spend time with other characters.

For now, the cast only involves the three other men working at the establishment, including the responsible Elis, the flirty Rene, and the shy Angel. Not much happens between the characters in the current version of the game, but there are plans for them to become the main love interests in the future of Femboy Burgers. Each will likely receive their own ending, aside for a slew of bad ends. Despite the game's colorful artstyle, it also includes some darker tones and twists.

You can play the free demo of Femboy Burgers on and Game Jolt, and follow the game's development by keeping an eye on Asephy’s Twitter.

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