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Defeat the Demon King and rape her commanders in Mousou Endemic’s Hero of the Demon, a fantasy RPG published by OTAKU Plan on Steam.

Hero of the Demon takes place in a fantasy world threatened by the reawakened Demon King. With the looming threat of a new demon invasion and an increase in monster attacks, adventurers have become the last guardians of peace. The games’ protagonist, Warf, is a new adventurer who’s already made a name for himself as a man able to defeat demons on his own; however, he’s also famous for how women of all ages find him to be absolutely repulsive, despite his decent looks and mundane personality.

When becoming an adventurer, Warf wasn’t looking to accomplish much and hadn’t even considered becoming a hero who’d save the world from the Demon King; however, this changes when he’s tricked into a pact by a fairy, obligating him to take part in the war against the Demon King. Their fateful encounter happened to reveal the mystery behind Warf’s bad luck with women: he’s apparently been cursed with misfortune. To motivate him into defeating the Demon King, the fairy offers a solution: if he defeats the Demon King’s sexy commanders, he can freely rape them, circumventing his curse. Despite the questionable nature of the plan, Warf finds himself excited at the idea.

Playing as Warf, the player is tasked with solving various quests from the NPCs inhabiting the world, most of which are meant to direct Warf to the Demon King’s strongest minions or help him find a means to defeat them. Roads and wild areas of the world are already swarming with monsters, who will attack Warf on sight. The game's battles are turn-based and reward the player with gold and experience upon victory. When using basic attacks in combat, Warf will sometimes come up with a new idea, which will prompt a QTE. Successfully completing it grants him access to a new ability.

Aside from fighting his opponents, Warf can also talk with them. By selecting the appropriate responses and having a bit of luck, he can befriend some of his enemies, recruiting them into his party. Additionally, the Demon King’s commanders he defiles end up joining his team as well. Spending more time with these heroines afterward allows them to deepen their relationship with Warf and unlocks access to additional adult scenes.

Hero of the Demon is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $13.49 until August 20th, at which point they will cost $14.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately, using a patch available on OTAKU Plan’s website.

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