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The last evil wizard and Flat Chest Dev presents Chasing Tails ~A Promise in the Snow~, a yuri story of a girl living in a haunted house.

Chasing Tails ~A Promise of Snow~ has you play as June, a girl who moves to a new house to escape the trouble of her previous home. Unfortunately, trouble seems to do a good job at finding her. June’s new house is haunted and a female stalker has been actively pursuing her. The stalker, Rin, is attractive and the future head of the clan that keeps the town up and running. What would this rich and beautiful girl want with June? Does she mean to cause her harm or are there other motives?

Not only that, June’s been having weird recurring dreams ever since she moved in. Whatever misfortunes are going on in June’s life, somehow there is an odd white fox-girl involved. Uncover this town’s secrets and get your heart beating in this visual novel mixture of romance, comedy and a hint of horror.

Uncover the town's secrets and make girls' hearts connect in this comedy/horror yuri visual novel ❤︎

You can have it all!

- A heartwarming story with a bunch of funny moments and a pinch of horror

- Two heroines available for romance ❤︎

- A free 18+ Adult Content DLC with professionally done, quality Voice Acting at launch! (♥ω♥*)

- Multiple endings

- Various achievements

- Trading cards - as soon as Steam allows us to add them!

You can buy Chasing Tails ~A Promise in the Snow~ on Steam for the discounted price of $7.11. After August 20th, the sale will end, returning the price to its usual $7.99. Don’t forget to download the free 18+ Adult Only Patch, if you wish to put the adult content back into the game.

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