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After the death of her father, Adelaide takes the throne as the new queen while her kingdom is swamped with problems in Queen in Deficit, available on Itch.io.

Queen in Deficit is an RPG Maker game where a young queen must manage her kingdom’s finances well and make the right diplomatic decisions lest she be dethroned. When the King of Brezfort passed away, his daughter Adelaide suddenly became the new queen. As she quickly adjusts to her new role, she learns of the condition her late father left the kingdom in. The income available in the treasury was less than expected. Adelaide will need to fix the kingdom’s financial situation, whether it be through increasing taxes, cutting military funding, or taking out a loan. Maybe there is a more sexual way to solve all her problems.

In Queen in Deficit, you have five different stats to keep track of: prosperity, prestige, morale, troops, and income. You can make decisions to improve them, but you run the risk of affecting the other ones. Increasing taxes may increase your income, but your prestige will decrease. If your prosperity, prestige, and morale are too low, you will be dethroned and it will be game over.

Actions are done in weekly intervals and some of them require Adelaide to use her limited amount of stamina. This leaves you with only do so much during the day before needing to rest. Things like giving speeches, holding events, going into battle, or meeting with the leaders of subjugated territories will decrease her stamina. You can also hire assistants to do consistent tasks for you, such as tax enforcement and recruiting troops.

Story related tasks will only occur when you choose to begin them, and will not trigger suddenly. You're able to go into battle when you have enough troops and a high morale. When you come across decisions that can change your stats, you will be informed ahead of time what stats are being affected and what they currently look like.

Some of the solutions to your problems allow you to provide sexual favors instead of changing your stats or paying money. This will increase your impurity level. As your impurity level increases, Adelaide will become more willing to take risky actions that can decrease her prestige, and you will have a higher chance of encountering lewd events. If at any time you aren’t sure about what you should be doing, speak to the steward to get a rundown of how your finances are and any tasks you should be working on.

You can find the current build of Queen in Deficit on Itch.io. If you enjoy the game and would like to support the development, consider checking out Broken Torpedo’s Patreon page.

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