If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Enjoy dating a variety of women while searching for your soulmate in owlyboi’s Violet Girl, a romance visual novel now available on Steam.

Violet Girl is a kinetic, slice-of-life romance visual novel about a man looking for the girl of his dreams. There are, of course, multiple women in the world who’d find themselves attracted to him and with whom he could forge an everlasting bond. Throughout the short story, the protagonist will find themselves spending time with seven such women, whether it be a chance encounter at the park, a stroll through city streets, or a relaxing moment at the beach. Over time, the protagonist will become more intimate with each of the heroines. Adult encounters within the story feature themes of BDSM, group sex, and public sex, among others.

The girl of your dreams could be anywhere.

Basking under the rays of sun at the nearest park, strolling across the busy city the streets, enjoying a pleasant noon at your local book shop or coffee shop, and splashing in the warm waters of the nearest beach.

Wherever she is, she is waiting for you to find her. She is open to experience a whole new world of pleasure in your arms and is willing to become your one and only admirer, no matter who you are and where you are from.

Allow yourself to get whisked away into her world and embrace, where she will teach you what real pleasure feels like, as she becomes your guide into a world of bliss and comfort.

If you embark upon this journey, you will meet Hannah, Aria, Emily, Hazel, Leah, Lily and Ava – the women who are willing to welcome you at any moment into their loving arms.

Read through some pretty raunchy(erotic) dialogue, accompanied by spicy nude depictions.


Kinetic Visual Novel


~15K words

Enter your name and immerse yourself in a story where 7 different girls give you the experience of a lifetime, a very, very sexy experience...

Violet Girl is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $0.66 until August 13th, at which point it will cost $0.99.

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