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Train a delinquent girl into becoming an idol in the slice of life romance IdolDays.

In IdolDays, you play as a rookie producer, working for an underground idol agency located in Akihabara. Your boss has tasked you with finding new talent, but the girls you have been coming across don’t exactly fit the image you envision for an idol. Just when you were about to call it quits for the day, you hear a girl in the park while she is feeding some cats. The song is slow, but something about her voice rocks you to your very core. Not letting this opportunity pass you by, you ask if she would like to become an idol. She rejects the offer immediately and leaves the park.

The next day, you get called into the office. You’re told that the daughter of their sponsor will be working here as a staff member and, starting today, you are her training supervisor. As fate would have it, the new staff member is the girl who turned down your offer in the park yesterday. This vocal new coworker is Tsubaki Akanesaki. Even though she has had many jobs in the past, Tsubaki got fired from them all because she got into fights. Can this delinquent girl be your diamond in the rough?

Tsubaki Akanesaki

CV:Mashiro kazahana

A delinquent girl who's as strong as any man.

She may be a delinquent, but her strong sense of justice means she never bullies the weak or gets involved in crime. Even so, the way she looks and talks often causes people to misjudge her.

Lacking any dreams or ambition, she spends her life wandering aimlessly from day to day. She secretly feels jealous when she sees people going after their dreams or being passionate about something, leading her to search for something that she can also devote herself to.

She's the granddaughter of a high-profile figure in the entertainment industry, and when a senior producer is asked to offer her a position, he half forces the job of looking after her on the protagonist. Not having even a place to live, she somehow ends up living under the same roof as the protagonist.

While on the job, she slowly starts getting interested in idols after seeing them shine on stage. But...

You can purchase IdolDays on sale from Steam for $10.39, MangaGamer for $11.00, Denpasoft for $11.04, and FAKKU for $11.05. After August 12th, the sale on Steam will end and the price will return to $12.99. If you do plan on buying the game on Steam, the adult content needs to be patched back in, so don’t forget to download the free R18 patch from qureate’s site.

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