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After making a deal with a succubus, you get transported to another world in Trash Gods' Erosion, in development with a public build available on Gamejolt and Itch.io.

Erosion is an RPG with a card game battle system where you make a deal with a succubus, though you don’t have any memories of who you are or why you made the deal in the first place. You wake up and see a sexy girl impaling herself on your cock, but you're not sure what to make of it. According to her, the contract covered temporarily losing all memories about yourself and any trace of your existence in your previous world, per your request. However, they are not lost forever. As time goes on, you will slowly regain the memories of who you are and why you made a deal with a succubus in the first place.

To repay the succubus, she is sending you to another world as a moderator. The heroes of that world have already defeated the Demon King and the succubus needs you to prevent a power imbalance. You'll need to defeat them, but you can’t simply kill them. Instead, the succubus gives you lewd powers to help you fulfill this task. These powers range from changing your appearance, your hormones, and even reality itself — so long as it is for an erotic purpose. How will you use these powers?

You start your career as an adventurer by picking a level on the stage selection map. Battles in Erosion give you a good idea of what you will be fighting before you enter into combat. You're able to change the arrangement of your cards and, as you cannot heal during battle, resting at home for a day or buying food at the guild hall can help you recover some of your lost health. Additionally, there's an option to apply handicaps to yourself for better rewards. When in battle, you can only bring in four cards, so choose which ones would work best against the enemy. Dungeon areas require you to fight waves of monsters without leaving. Leaving will cause you to lose all rewards and progress you have made in the dungeon so far. After each fight, you will have the option to receive a buff or a heal.

After completing the first dungeon, you will be able to recruit partners in battle and bond with them as well. Another ability the succubus gave you is the Eyes of Asha, which gives you a short biography of the people you look at. It tells you their name, character traits, strengths in battle, their affinity with you, and the sin they were born with. You can spend time with your partners by talking and interacting with them, but you have a limited amount of actions. Pick a subject that you think she will enjoy, whether that be recent events, the past, her interests, cooking, training, flirting, et cetera. With the variety of subjects to choose from, how she responds to the discussion can change her four affinity gauges, which are love, trust, attraction, and boredom.

You can find the public build of Erosion on Gamejolt and itch.io. If you enjoy the game and wish to support the development, consider checking out Trash Gods’ Patreon.

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