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Adult games publisher MangaGamer has announced new upcoming releases during Otakon 2021.

MangaGamer has once again appeared on Otakon, an annual summer convention made to celebrate Asian pop culture. Just as in the previous years, the publisher has used this opportunity to announce new titles coming to their store in the near future, as well as to put some spotlight on some of their recent releases.

The first announcement on their list is Erovoice by ClockUp. In this romance visual novel, the player has the chance to forge relationships with five heroines working for the adult gaming industry. It will feature themes of hardcore BDSM, exhibitionism, water sports, and pet play, among others.

The second announced title is Namaiki Dark Elves by Waffle. This incestuous fantasy visual novel follows Oberu, the illegitimate son of a dark elf father and a human mother. Shunned and treated as a servant due to his heritage, Oberu is still grateful for getting to live in a rich family with three dark elven sisters. His situation flips on its head, when the oracle prophecies that Oberu’s child will rise to the top of the dark elf society and bring them thousands of years of glory. Just like that, from a shunned servant, Oberu becomes the most wanted man in his household, with his father demanding that he marries one of his sisters.

Next, MangaGamer has announced the upcoming release of an all-ages visual novel titled Seventh Lair. Developed by Novectacle, it is an emotional story about the relations between an indie game developer and his fanbase. Having made and published many games on his website, the protagonist suddenly finds himself inside one of his creations, a title which he doesn’t recall finishing the work on.

The next announcement is Love Sweets, by Moonstone. Described as a fun school romance, it follows a young man named Itsuki, who decides to look for a part-time job after finding out that a friend of his found a girlfriend that way. Looking to work somewhere with many girls he could meet, Itsuki joins the staff at Cafe Hot Chocolat, which has a largely female staff.

The second half of the announcements begins with Go! Go! Nippon! Live With You!. Rather than being an upcoming visual novel, Go! Go! Nippon! Live With You! is MangaGamer’s virtual YouTuber project meant as a spin-off to the Go! Go! Nippon! series of visual novels, which are usually about vacationing in Japan. The series’ heroines Makoto and Akira Misaki will take part in various livestreamed adventures. You can find out more on the project’s official website and YouTube channel.

Returning to game announcements, MangaGamer has featured Distant Memorajo, a sequel to The Expression: Amrilato by Sukera Suparo, which released on July 15th. This all-ages series of yuri romance novels explores the hardships of communicating your feelings towards others. Divided into two chapters, the story of Distant Memorajo will first explore Rin doubting her decision to stay with Ruka, as Ruka herself struggles with a classmate who seems to have something against her. In the second chapter, we will discover the past of the heroines, and find out how they first met.

Next, we come to Horny Elves & A Moral Orc by Waffle, which is an eroge adaptation of an adult manga series and a YouTube franchise by Tomokity. The story follows an orc living in a traditional fantasy world, where his kind is known for their barbaric way of life, comprised of raiding and pillaging. However, while this was true of the orcs, their kind has already been wiped out during its war against the elves. The protagonist may very well be the last living orc, spared by the goddess after the war due to his young age and a promise he made to never lay with an elf. Unfortunately for him, two horny elven women have found his secluded home, and will stop at nothing until they get some orcish action.

MangaGamer’s final announcement regarded the recently released Christmas Tina - Ephemeral Views of Winter, by Nekoday. Published on June 29th, this all-ages historical slice of life story takes place in 1988 during Japan’s bubble economy. It follows a pair of unfortunate and seemingly unrelated people: Kanna, a first-year high-school student who suffered in a traffic accident during the summer, and Jing, who failed his entrance exams in China and got stuck with a job he hates.

Captivated by the stories of economic growth within Tokyo, both of them independently decide to move there and apply for the same job: they’re to live and work at in a small house by the train station. The pay is low, but technically, they’re working for twenty-four hours a day, and they don’t have to pay for their home. As such, they begin new, modest lives together, which they both find as improvements over their previous situations.

You can explore the full range of Otakon 2021 announcements on MangaGamer’s official blog.

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