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Hire staff and manage customers in Secret Labo’s Love Tavern, an isekai management game now in Steam Early Access.

Love Tavern follows an unlucky young man who gets run over by a truck on his way home from a game store. Though he should have died, a goddess from another world instead transported him into her world. She's had too much on her plate as of late and decides to prolong the protagonist’s life if he’s willing to run a tavern for her in exchange. Not wanting to disappear from existence just yet, the protagonist agrees and takes over the titular Love Tavern.

In order to manage the tavern, the player has to build various rooms, such as dormitories for the staff, guest rooms for patrons to wait in, and kitchens to serve food. The Love Tavern isn’t just a simple eatery, though, as the player can provide other services such as saunas or massages. Certain rooms will work on their own, while others have to be managed personally by the player, such as by cooking food for the girls to serve or sending girls out on quests to gather ingredients.

To run the tavern, the player will have to hire staff members. Girls come with various rarities, denoted by a number of stars. Heroines ranked with three or more stars have stories associated with them that can be read by the player at any time, with each chapter of a heroine’s personal story featuring narration in the style of a visual novel, as well as full voice acting for the heroine. Progressing to new chapters of the story often requires the player to solve a conflict by winning a match-3 puzzle game. The adult content of Love Tavern resides mainly within these optional stories.

After your death due to a car accident, you have been summoned by the goddess to take care of a tavern in an Isekai world. Your job is to hire different girls from various tribes and races to help out the business there, as well as build up room by room of the tavern to expand the business.


• Build various types of rooms on different levels to expand your business.

• Hire girls of various races to adapt to customers' liking.

• Manage and assign girls to four main tasks (Food Serving, Hunting, Cleaning, and Massage) to earn money.

• Take care of your girls and dig more into their past to know them better.

• Gather ingredients and cook different isekai foods to serve the local customers.

Love Tavern is now available on Steam Early Access for $4.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately by downloading a free DLC pack.

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