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Save girls from evil by destroying monsters and their infected clothes in Waifu Discovered 2, now available on Steam.

Developed and Published by One-Hand-Free-Studios, Waifu Discovered 2 part of the Waifu Uncovered franchise. It’s an action shooter where you shoot monsters and strip off women’s clothing. These fantastical girls’ clothes are infected and it is up to you to help them discard those garments before an evil spell takes hold of them. There are over eight girls that need your help and each one comes with some beautiful CG artwork. Once you complete a girl’s level, go to the gallery to make small edits to the CG with visual effects and clothing selector. To make your ship and guns stronger, go to the shop for upgrades.

Waifu Discovered 2 can be played solo or with friends — either locally or through Steam’s Remote Play Together. There is also an online leaderboard where you can share your scores with other players world wide. For those who might want to stream the game or play it in a SFW environment, there is also a FULL CENSORED mode which will not reveal any private or intimate body parts while you are playing. This mode can be toggled on and off whenever you want. Additionally, there is an unlockable one-hand mode, in which you've got two ships while playing.

Other Features

- Standard (easy) and Arcade difficulty modes.

- Achievements! (N/A during EA)

- +8 different boss / guardians.

- Several secret rounds.

- Bonus levels.

- 5+2 Characters to choose from.

You can buy Waifu Discovered 2 on Steam for $5.99. There is also the Exposed DLC, which is being sold for $1.99. The DLC does not add anything to the game, but it unlocks all content except achievements.

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