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Perform lewd rituals to banish monsters in PileN’s Weird Rituals in The Ancient Temples, a fantasy RPG published by Kaguya on Itch.io.

Weird Rituals in The Ancient Temples follows elf combat priestess Tialis on her mission to investigate the cause of repeated monster attacks on a small town. In her pursuit of the monsters, she discovers that a demon named Selena has moved into an ancient temple near the town. While there, Selena was supposed to perform a ritual to disperse dark energies that gather in the temple. However, she overslept, and the energy began attracting monsters. Thankfully, Selena can perform the ritual even now, provided Tialis is willing to lend her body for the sexual acts involved in the rite. While the nun agrees, this sacrifice is only the beginning: the ritual has to be performed in four temples, and Selena doesn’t even know the location of the remaining three.

The player controls both girls as they adventure searching for the temples, each ancient ruin swarming with progressively stronger monsters and featuring more complex puzzles. The combat is turn-based, with the girls earning loot and experience for their victories. As the girls continue their investigation of the temples, they will run into various lewd scenarios, some consensual, others forced, featuring themes such as futanari, mind control, and tentacles.


A small town is attacked by monsters. The main heroine, an elf nun, she needs to get rid of monsters by performing rituals in ancient temples. She also needs to protect her dear sister who lives in a town in the midst of this chaos. But first she needs to find the temples, alone or with someone's help.


• 15 base CGs with 145 variations

• Hours of Story

• Unlockable Artwork & Scene Replay

The game contains:

• Anal Sex


• Creampie

• Futanari

• Mind Control

• Monster Girl

• Rape

• Tentacles

Weird Rituals in The Ancient Temples is now available on Itch.io for $13.00. In order to run the game, you will need to install RPG Maker VX Ace RPT, which is available on RPG Maker’s official website.

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