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A furry artist is currently working on a survival action RTS titled Daggan, in which you establish and defend a community of animal people.

Malerouille is an independent developer and artist creating NSFW furry artwork. In their spare time, they're currently working on a title known as Daggan: a 2.5D action RTS where you play as a mayor of a frontier town, which you have to establish yourself. As you build your city and breed new companions, you’ll also get to investigate why previous attempts at building towns in this area have failed.

Unlike in most RTS games, you play in a third-person perspective by directly controlling the protagonist. You can lay down plans for buildings on the map and command the townsfolk to help you build them. Creating new structures requires learning their plans from the player’s skill tree and spending a given number of resources, which you can collect yourself or ask your companions to gather for you. To increase the population of your town, you have to have sex with its other inhabitants and provide enough housing for the new inhabitants. Keeping a large town afloat won’t be easy, though, as undead monsters arise from their sleep each night, attacking the new settlement. Defeating them is the main challenge and source of experience at the moment.

In the latest version of the game, the player can also explore procedurally-generated dungeons to fight more enemies and find pages of lore books. More pages can also be found by prostituting yourself to neutral NPCs living in the area. Collecting each page allows the player to read a story set in the games’ universe, as well as unlock a new statue building, which can be used to decorate the town and provide passive bonuses. Future versions of the game will feature more bosses, statues, playable species, and sex animations.

Why should you survive alone against villains ?

Create allies to help you build your town and conquer the world.

But beware, for nights are dark and ancient evils will come for you.

Version 0.9 (free)

• Have sex with your allies to create units

• Gather resources to create buildings

• Use the Skilltree to choose your strategy

• Fight each night against waves of enemies

• Explore a procedural map

• Original soundtrack

Version 0.11

• Tutorial

• Balanced gameplay

• Random NPCs on the map to have sex and get rewards

• Elite skeleton (badass giants)

• New music

• More skills: healing and buildings

• Team management

• Collect books to discover the lore and unlock content

• Explore procedural underground dungeons

• Sexy statues to get passive skills

A demo of Daggan is available on If you’d like to support the project, you can do so on Malerouille’s Patreon. Donating $5 or more to the project grants you access to the latest builds of the game.

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