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Learn the ways of dark magic to manipulate girls in Pasture Soft’s DRK-Story - Black Book -, a simulation game now available on DLsite.

In DRK-Story - Black Book -, you play as a young man who stumbled upon an abandoned book of magic. Despite initially dismissing it as an unrealistic fantasy, the protagonist nonetheless decided to test one of the spells from the book, at which point he discovered that magic was indeed real. Being far from a paragon of virtue, the protagonist decides to use the spellbook to abuse the women living in his town. His fun lasts for about a week, at which point he realizes something unexpected: time has turned back to the day when he first found the tome. With this unsettling mystery in play, the protagonist will have to find a way to break the time loop, albeit while still satisfying his urges along the way.

The game follows a simple time-based system, where time passes as the player explores town, takes part in events, or studies spells found in the book. The abilities the player can acquire range from strengthening his body and turning invisible, to stopping time and controlling the minds of others. By interacting with NPCs found in town, the player may use these abilities for his own gain or to better the community, such as by stealing from people or by making criminals confess to the police. Additionally, there are three lead heroines and a number of additional unique characters roaming the town. Interacting with them allows the player to abuse them in various ways, either by directly molesting them or by making them embarrass themselves in public.


‘If I own a book of magic, what would I do with it?’

Remote vision, Transparency, Mind Control, Time Stop... Use magic to play with people around you. Do anything you like. You live in an apartment near the CBD. You could see cute girls walking on the street every day. With magic power, your like begins to change.


Occult Casual SLG

Learn magic from the book and do dirty stuff to people on the street.

You could find college girls, housewife, office lady… From main heroines to just a NPC waitress, there are many targets for you.

There are some combinations of magic. You could use them to unlock more behaviors.

*The Loop

After you got the magic book, an incident happened. The time would be reset every week to the first Monday.

You may figure out the reason while enjoying the life.

There are Multiple Endings based on your choice..

Sexual harassment, mind control sex, time stop sex are main.

30+ HCG with animation.

DRK-Story - Black Book - is now available on DLsite for $13.04. A demo of the game can also be downloaded from the store page.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to a Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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