If you build it, they will cum

Two girls are on a quest to break a succubus’ curse in the RPG Maker game, Veska & Mina’s succubusic journey.

Developed by Tistrya, who also created Catina Patissier, Veska & Mina’s succubusic journey follows a warrior and elven sorcerer traveling around to find out how to break the succubus’ curse on them. After the demon lord was defeated, the two adventurers had a curse placed upon them, sapping the pair of their strength and magical abilities and made them insanely horny unless they ingested semen on a regular basis. The two girls are going from town to town, collecting information and sperm. While Veska doesn’t want to be horny all the time, Mina is enjoying it thoroughly. When they hear from a man they sucked off that what they seek is down South, Veska and Mina went to investigate.

The game plays more like a light novel with an RPG-like setting. There aren’t many battles and when they happen, they are simple turn based ones fights. The types of h-scenes you can see are blowjob focused, but there are scenes where bandits and tentacles rape the heroines, the girls masturbate to prove their relationship with the orcs, an optional yuri between Veska and Mina, and more.



A skilled human adventurer. She is traveling the world after the Demon lord has been defeated to break the curse of the succubus.

She is not good at socializing because she has survived the world with just sword skills. She is polite, but she is also rude.

She hates the curse that makes her open her legs to a man.....


An elf sorcerer traveling with Veska.

She is well knowleged about magics and very chatty. She has a strong optimistic personality, so she is very good at socializing.

She does not suffer from estrus due to the curse, and actively supports Vesca while having fun.

You can purchase Veska & Mina’s succubusic journey on sale from DLsite for ¥1,056 [approximately $9.63 USD]. After August 24th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original price of ¥1,320 [approximately $12.03 USD]. Additionally, there is a demo available that covers the beginning of the game. To make sure the game functions properly, you may need to have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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