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Marmalade’s light-hearted and romantic visual novel games, PRIMAL HEARTS and PRIMAL HEARTS 2, are available on Johren.

Published by Shiravune, PRIMAL HEARTS is a romantic visual novel with girls from two student councils at war with each other. You play as a new student at the Ainoshima Academy, and you're looking forward to your new school life until two groups of students approach you near the gate. This school has two student councils: the Gekka student council, steeped in history and tradition, and the Tendo student council, which values innovation and modernity. The two groups don’t get along at all and whenever they took a vote among the students, it always resulted in a tie. With your arrival, you have become the tiebreaker and these two councils want your vote to swing their way.

You were looking forward to a regular school life with romance on a beautiful island. Now, all eyes are on you to pick a side. Whichever you choose, you’ll be disappointing half of the school. How will you pick one without ruining your chances at romance?

PRIMAL HEARTS 2 takes place six years after the first game. As a different protagonist, you decide to enroll in Ainoshima Academy based on your sister’s recommendation. You look forward to all the events the school has to offer, such as the annual academy festival and the sports meet. You are heading to class when you are stopped by the two opposing student councils: the traditional Gekka and the innovative Tendo.

There is a proxy war going on between multiple student clubs. The sports teams are supporting Gekka and the liberal arts teams are supporting Tendo. All the student votes have ended in a tie. You are the 777th student of Ainoshima Academy and everyone wants to know which side you are on. Your vote will decide who has the majority. School life has become more challenging with both student councils following hounding you and a proxy war going on. Your sister never prepared you for any of this.

You can buy both PRIMAL HEARTS and PRIMAL HEARTS 2 on sale at Johren for $31.84 each. When the sale ends on August 12th, the price for both games will return to $39.80.

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