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Repulse Seeks Funding for Iragon, an action RPG about a young man who becomes a witch’s guardian.

Repulse is a sizable team of developers behind the visual novel HeartBaked and the VR action game Experiment Gone Rogue. Following their previous successes, the team is looking to realize their new vision: Iragon, a story-driven RPG inspired by the team’s love for anime, visual novels, and VR, which would take players on an action and sex-packed adventure through a fantasy world.

In Iragon, you will play as a young man named Darick, who always wanted to become a knight to protect the people and make a name for himself. However, not only is his application rejected, his town is attacked by the Empire on the same day. Trying to escape to the nearby city that was looking for new squires, he runs into Brianna, a self-taught witch that the Empire is trying to hunt down. As the situation unfolds, Darick decides to help Brianna by traveling with her, learning magic, and protecting her from the empire, witches, and demons. During his adventure, Darick will also forge intimate relationships with various heroines he meets along the way.

The gameplay of Iragon revolves around combat and exploration. The player can traverse the map to interact with fully voiced NPCs while following quest objectives. Regularly, Darick may need to face various enemies, which he can dispatch using a variety of melee weapons as well as a collection of elemental spells. Exploring the environment and defeating enemies rewards the player with orbs and gold, which can be used to improve the player’s equipment through the game’s upgrade system.

Darick doesn’t always travel alone, with Brianna and other heroines often aiding him in combat. As female characters get damage by the enemies, their clothing will be damaged, slowly revealing their bodies. The heroines express themselves through motion-captured animations, and each of them has access to multiple unique outfits. Aside for romancing them himself, Darick can also watch the girls make love with each other, or join them for a threesome.

Iragon will feature two game modes: a standard third-person action adventure, and an immersive VR experience. Developing a game of this scale has its challenges, which is why the team decided to launch the campaign, looking to rise $10,000 for their project. Those who support the development will receive a number of perks and rewards. If the campaign can exceed its initial goal, the game will be expanded with additional content, such as a lesbian romance route between April and Erica, and other yet undisclosed stretch goals.

You can find out more about Iragon and download a demo of the game for PC and MacOS on Kickstarter. At the moment of writing, the campaign has gathered $7.055 out of its $10,000 goal, and the "all-or-nothing" campaign will continue for 56 more days. You can also follow the development of Iragon on the developer’s YouTube channel, where they post regular updates on the game’s development, or by following it on Steam.

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